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Who are We?

We are an organization that works with schools in China to make a difference. Our schools exist in order to transform lives and train servant leaders through high quality education in a loving environment. Founded in 2013, our licensed day school now serves over 300 Chinese students, kindergarten through grade 8. The faculty is comprised of Chinese and American educators. Most classes are taught in English, but unlike most international schools, our schools have a unique blend of Chinese and American influences. Our methodology also involves a strong emphasis on English and global education. We have begun the accreditation process and have an open relationship with Chinese education authorities.

As we continue to grow, we need more and more teachers. Two years of experience is preferred but not required. And “experience” includes all kinds of things including but not limited to school classrooms.

If you have a sense of adventure and a big heart, we are looking for you.

Why Consider Teaching in China?

  • Global experience in education will increase the impact of your resume.

  • The only language requirement is English.

  • A flexible schedule provides chances for learning and service beyond the classroom.

  • China is a safe and intriguing place to live, learn, serve and experience life.

  • Leaders of finance, education and technology agree: China is the single most strategic country in the world.


Our faculty is made up of educators who are passionate about people.







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