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The World Gets Smaller Each Day

The Internet, email, cell phones, and the media increasingly provide real-time information from one continent to the next.

However, the transfer of data is not the same as effective cross cultural communication. Multinational companies, educators, governmental leaders, and religious workers all seek to communicate their message to persons in radically different cultures. Leaders in all professions are scrambling to increase their ability to negotiate contracts, hear and understand their target markets, and communicate in such a way that the message they intend is the message that is received.

Using resources from anthropology, sociology, and communication theory, the Connections team equips people to communicate cross culturally through the use of seminars, consultation, emersion trips and editing services.

Do you have something important to say to people in another culture? Stop wasting energy, time, and money on non-productive attempts to communicate. Contract with Connections and see the difference in how your message is received.


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Our goal is to improve overall communication across cultures