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We are dedicated to serving the International Community

The mission of Connections Consulting International is to help clients understand, construct, communicate, and achieve their goals with excellence and integrity.

Beginning in 1996 James Loftin began touring and performing various business functions in the People’s Republic of China. He fell in love with China, and China fell in love with him. Although James has traveled and done business in more than 40 countries, he is most at home in China and/or with Chinese.

As his friendships in China grew, so did his business opportunities. Leaders of travel, education, industry and business in China began to seek James’ advice on how to do business with Westerners. He was soon being introduced as a “Zhongguo Tong (中国通) that really loves China”. At the same time, US leaders began to seek his insight into the education, culture and business practices of China.

In 2005 James spearheaded a group of investors that launched Connections Consulting International in Winter Springs, Florida USA. The company continues to assist, coach, and train people on both sides of the Pacific. Our service helps leaders be more efficient, effective and successful in Sino-American business relationships.

Directed by James Loftin, the Connections Consulting team utilizes partners and specialists to achieve the specific goals and timelines of clients.

Our Corporate Values include:







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