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Manufacturing Solutions

Building on our relationships and work in China for more than 15 years, Connections offers several levels of assistance to American companies wanting to have products manufactured in China. Our service greatly reduces the stress and negative experience many Americans have experienced in the past few years.

Connections can –

  1. Help American companies decide which Chinese factories will be best for their needs, budgets and timelines.
  2. Research the history of selected Chinese manufacturers to help American investors be more aware of risks.
  3. Help facilitate relationships and partnerships between Chinese and American leaders.
  4. Help find competitive production pricing while maintaining quality and service.
  5. Facilitate travel to China by American leaders.
  6. Help monitor product quality before and during production.
  7. Help analyze and resolve communication and other conflicts between the parties.
  8. Other services that US customers might need.

The production quality control service team of Connections is headed by a Chinese national that has years of success in this area.